Modern Architectural Shoot

I love photographing modern homes, the lines make for a great image. I was hired recently to photograph such a home by Frankel Building Group of Houston.  The light walls and white furniture created a perfect pallet.

One of the images was noticed by a compnay called Chief Architects who makes software for designing homes. They purchased the image to use on thier software packaging. Very excited to see how this turns out.

A Small Mention on Houzz

Houzz has become a great part of my marketing and I was happy to see a mention of me and one of my images were posted in an article:

Houzz | Meet 4 Basic Types of Photographers

Sugarland Regional Airport Lifestyle Photography

This was the second opportunity that I had to work with the Sugarland Regional Airport.  This time was scheduled for a lifestyle shoot and a twilight of the exterior adding planes and a high end vehicle.

It was the first time I got to direct and stage two aircraft for the shoot.  Everyone was  very helpful in orchestrating this event complete with volunteers.

Commercial Shoot With Sugarland Regional Aiport

I was contacted by the Sugarland Regional Airport to do some commercial photography to capture some of their facilities.  Something I didn't know about this airport is its strictly for corporate planes and cater to  the pace of weekly commercial planes flying in busy executives.  They've created a very nice facility for the  pilots to rest, watch television and get fed while they wait for the flight home.

Refined Systems Architectural Photograhy Shoot

I've recently completed a project for Refined Systems LLC.  They are an audio visual company based in The Woodlands. Mike Lander and I have known each other for a few years and he contacted me to to some interior photography of a few of their projects to use on their website.

I'm always eager to work with new companies, it means some interesting and new things to photograph for my website but also to work with new people.

My experience with them was stellar.  A great group of guys that seem to have the world by the tail in building this company.

One of the properties they were having me shoot was a private residence, the builder of this home is George Weaver Custom Homes.  Driving up to this property for the first time was amazing.  But walking through it was jaw dropping.  They pointed out just what they wanted to convey on the site and which areas of the home they wanted me to shoot.  Interior photography like this doesn't come along too often and I was quickly wishing we'd arrived an hour earlier to just get more!  Interior was completed and then to wait for the sun to get a twilight shot of the exterior of the home.

Mike, Shawn and Ryan were great and I was thrilled when they expressed just how much they loved the completed images.  I'm looking forward to working with them again!

Architectural Photography and the Green Home

I've had the pleasure of shooting for David Weekley Homes and have been pretty impressed by what they call their "Green Homes" and the savings on power that an owner is able to save living in one of the homes.

I photographed one of the homes in Cinco Ranch this year that is now being used by an online resource out of California called Green Home Builder which is an online magazine.  The home in Cinco Ranch is being written about and my images used in the article.  You can read about it.HERE